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Appointments can be booked through this link! https://divinebodymassagetherapy.square.site

Or on our home page: http://www.divinebody.ca

By phone: (416) 819-6691

Email: Bonniejeanspillane.rmt@gmail.com

Bonnie Jean Spillane RMT

All patients are required to pay for their service after it has been performed.

We currently accept card payments (Debit, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Cash and EMT.

Your session starts from the moment you check-in.  Every appointment includes a brief intake and/or assessment before the hands-on portion of the treatment begins. If you are running late please contact Bonnie ASAP @ (416)819-6691. 


24 hour’s notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment.  Client’s who provide LESS than 24 hrs. notice, or miss their appointment will be charged the full appointment fee. When you book an appointment, that time is set aside for you, and missed appointments and short notice cancellations prevent Divine Body Massage Therapy from accommodating other patients.

COVID-19 Cancellations

If you are experiencing symptoms, or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 please let us know as quickly as possible. Please note you will not be able to rebook with us within 14 days of your cancelled appointment without a negative COVID-19 test. You may book sooner if you have received a negative test result which will be sent to a confidential email accessed only by Bonnie Jean Spillane.


Graciously accepted. 


YES. There is visitor street parking along Chatham Ave.  

What to Expect During Your Session
Holistic Massage Divine Body

Health History Intake

The first 5-10 minutes I will review your health history form and gather your primary complaint and goals.  Before you disrobe, I will do a few quick assessments and note where you hold your tension.  I will then give you my clinical impression, describe my treatment plan and get your consent to treat.  The remaining time will be spent on the massage.  It is important that I know about you and your body so I can give you the safest and most effective treatment possible. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

What to expect before you disrobe

Regardless if you have had a previous massage or not,  I will explain beforehand exactly what I will do so that you feel safe and secure.  This includes treatment positions as well as the areas you want me to address and avoid.  

A lot of people ask what should I wear?… and that is totally up to you!  Most people disrobe down to their underwear but again, you will decide what is comfortable for you – not me.    

For the most part you will be completely covered (sheets/blanket) and pillowed from head to toe.  I only undrape the areas I need to work on, so you will never feel fully exposed.  We will keep an open dialogue about pressure and techniques throughout.  Your comfort is my #1 priority.   

To finish, I may give you a little self-care program to do at home… which in my opinion is the ‘glue’ that makes the massage stick!  As well as follow up with you the following day.  I will do my very best to make it a restorative and blissful experience.  


You may be asked to sign a “Sensitive Area Consent Form” which means that you give them permission to work on sensitive areas such as chest wall muscles, gluteal muscles (buttocks), upper inner thigh muscles and breast tissue, if indicated. However, you may rescind your consent at any time during your session if you are uncomfortable with the work your therapist is doing, even if you have signed the consent form.  At Divine Body Massage therapy we take consent very seriously and are committed to providing our patients a comfortable and positive experience.

What to Expect After the Session

You may feel relaxed or energized. If you have been pushing yourself you may feel tired. You may also notice some post massage soreness that usually is relieved with time and a hot shower.   Replenishing your body with water and hydrating is always recommended after a massage as well.

Hydrotherapy Divine Body
Insurance Questions
Will my benefits cover my treatment?

Divine Body Massage Therapy does not currently provide direct billing to insurance companies and cannot guarantee that you will receive compensation for the treatment as all insurance coverage is different. We recommend contacting your insurance company directly to learn what your personal benefits cover.

Bonnie Jean Spillane is a Registered Massage Therapist.  She will provide you with a printed and/or electronic receipt that will include the information you need to submit a claim. She will send it to you by the end of that business day through the email address you provide. 

Can I use my benefits to pay for someone else’s massage?

Insurance rules require that the receipt be issued in the name of the person who received the treatment. We are also required to indicate on the treatment receipt who paid for the session.

Can I prepay for massages to use up my benefits?

Our guidelines only permit that we issue insurance receipts for the treatment ON the DATE the session occurs, this is to prevent insurance fraud. 

I lost my receipt, can I get another one?

Absolutely! We are happy to issue a duplicate receipt. Please contact Bonnie and she can send one by mail or email.

What are my rights as a client?

As a client seeking massage therapy treatment, you have the right to:

     • Access safe, confidential and ethical care.

     • Be fully informed about the treatment plan along with the risks and benefits before beginning Massage Therapy.

     • Ask questions or raise concerns with your Massage Therapist about the recommended care.

     • Bring a person along with you to the appointment while you’re being assessed or treated.

     • Give or refuse consent. You can also withdraw your consent at any time during treatment.

     • Be assured that your health information stays confidential.

     • Ask to see or transfer your health record to another health professional any time, for any reason.  

Please see our Privacy Policy for other related questions to this matter.

Bonnie Jean Spillane RMT
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