Divine Body Massage Therapy is a home based practice. A high vibe, upscale, personalized treatment plans that focus on self care, recharging, grounding and encourage self- healing. Bonnie utilizes hydrotherapy in every treatment. Hot stones, contrast therapy, hot towels, paraffin wax, sound bath therapy, meditation, crystalline energy and Light Work. Our mission is to be in 100% service of others and encourage higher self healing.

Vision of Divine Body Massage Therapy

Built on positive welcoming energy that is inclusive to everybody including those who identify LGBTQ2+. Divine Body Massage Therapy is a safe haven where people can heal and feel comfortable in their own skin again. A homecoming to yourself, your body and your spirit.

The Aquarian Testament

When you come to me, know that we are both the Essence of God/Source/Universe.

I will welcome you with honour, gratitude and love.

And if you bring me anger, may I give you love;

If you bring fear, may I give you courage.

If you bring sorrow, may I bring you joy;

If you bring me uncertainty and doubt, may I give you peace.

And if you come to recieve,

May I give you all that I am.

When you come to me,

I will see you and know who you truly are,

Perfect in every way,


May all healing between us

Begin in the endless heart, yours, mine and that of all life,

Now and forever.


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